Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Last evening at 7:34 I found dear sweet Gladys. Yesterday's drama took a toll, but ended in the following. Was informed that it is legal to kill a predator if it is on one's property causing harm to pets or farm animals. With that being said I took target practice last evening. Killing is not something I choose to do, but feel I have been forced into it. Just call me Annie Oakley with a double barrel shotgun. The fox population is quite prolific in our area, trapping is just not feasible. Georgia was left dead, intact, not taken for food, just killed. At 7:34, by the edge of my garden I found Gladys, ALIVE!!!!! She was hurt, bleeding and in shock. DH and I managed to get her into the four star hotel where she promptly drank water and nibbled on lettuce. A good sign, however we were not confident she would make it through the night- the odds were not in her favor. This evening she is holding her own, her wattle has regained some color and she has just bestowed upon me an afternoon egg. A good sign I hope. I am not sure how Gladys was able to make her way home, but am so happy and thankful she did. For now she will remain inside and her sisters unfortunately have to stay enclosed behind chicken wire. Better safe than sorry, as the old adage goes. I want to thank you all for leaving such heart warming comments, blogging friends are just the greatest. It is also reassuring to know there other people in this world who love their chickens as much as I do. From all of us here at Dog Trot Farm, thank you for caring.