Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Good Tuesday to you all. I have been busy getting my ducks, I mean chickens in a row. Last Thursday night I went to chicken school, actually a chicken seminar put on by our local Blue Seal. There were 40 of us in this seminar and 80 attendant's next door in another. Keeping a flock of chickens seems to be big business these days. I have been stock piling supplies over the winter and doing a lot of reading on the subject of "chicken keeping." There appears to be many "pros" in having one's own flock this is what is so appealing. It's the"cons" that seem intimidating. Egg eating, feather pecking, prolapse, colds, mites, worms, fleas, lice, trimming beaks, claws, clipping wings, not to mention the many diseases they can contract. How about varmints? Fox, fishers, mice, possum, squirrels, hawks, do I really need to purchase flack jackets to keep my girls safe from chicken hawks? How about neighboring dogs and cats? With all that being said my little bantams will be arriving one month from today. 4 Barred Rock, 4 Buff Orpington and 2 Ameraucanas. The brooder and all it's equipment are ready. Feed purchased, Blue Kote (just in case) on hand. I think I am good to go.Our spot has been chosen for the Coop. Sheltered, a fair distance from the house, enough natural light, and a good area for a fenced in hen yard. A separate run for Winslow Homer if need be. No flack jackets, no clipped wings.
DH placing stones for the foundation. The bathroom is not quite finished, still have not decided on the kitchen counter top, but the coop must now take top priority! Wish us luck, will keep you posted.