Monday, February 15, 2010


We have experienced a few days here in Southern Maine that gave us the feeling that Spring might just be around the corner. However, we stoic New Englander's will not be fooled. I have been attempting to be productive and complete a few hooking projects. I am beginning to wonder if I have ADD. I start one project become bored and move on to the next. I find plenty of inspiration with all the wonderful blogs I read- I need some motivation! People I need help!
Both rugs are patterns that I purchased and are not of my own design, I am hoping to sell them once completed. If ever completed. I promised Dear Georgia I would not post any indecent photos of she and her sisters. Oh, my poor girls- this molting business is causing naked necks and red derrieres to match. They insist on leaving their pen to forage in the yard. But dang it is cold. I think they are going to need some form of ointment for those chapped derrieres. Oh, the indecency of it all!
Valentine's Day brought loving cards
beautiful fragrant flowers and chocolates that have been devoured.
Maine seed catalogs have started to arrive, let the dreaming begin. Some of what- no most of what I will be planting will be fortifying the girls. My mantra: healthy girls equal healthy eggs.
New socks. These are the most wonderful socks I have ever owned.

and they have been paired with my long anticipated Muck boots. These products announce the official beginning of Spring.

With all that being said tomorrow's weather forecast is six to ten inches of snow. We shall persevere, there is gas in the snow blower and the wood box has been filled!
Life is good.