Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The girl's called a "pow wow" last night. Gladys led the discussion and presented their grievance. Hum, I thought what could this be about? Living conditions? menu? nope. No complaints on the "home front." The girls really appreciate the new additions to their menu; fresh organic lettuce, tomatoes and blueberries. No complaints about the housing conditions, I was informed how much they enjoy "fluffing" in the fresh pine chips. However, it appears after their accidental act of freedom last weekend they would really appreciate a little more time on the" loose." So, this afternoon I opened the coop door and watched the girls march one by one to outer freedom. They looked, listened, grazed and then the wind blew. It was all over, they all marched back to the safety of their coop. I think I heard a sign of relief, oh right, that was me!