Sunday, August 28, 2011


It's a howling and it's a blowing.... the rain drops they are a falling ....the girls are not outdoor play today....and with the added bonus of being stuck inside the coop with Don Juan... certainly not their idea of how to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.... Yesterday was more of the same for them.... I pulled out this passport....a passport into historical New England.... beaks went out of joint....another case of a long day in the coop....If you enjoy New England history....including visiting some of the oldest homes and gardens in New England...from Maine to Rhode Island this passport is ideal. For $55.00 dollars...two adults...can enjoy what Historical New England has to offer for one year....also you can revisit any of the listed homes multiple times... Saturday found DH and myself here at the Sarah Orne Jewett home located in South Berwick Maine. Jewett was an American author and short story writer. You may be familiar with two of her most popular works "The Country of Pointed Firs" and "A Country Doctor," the latter being based on her doctor father and his many house calls which Sarah often accompanied him on. This Georgian style home was built in 1776 and over looks the town's central square. The home is filled with many of the Jewett's personal belongings and Sarah's bedroom is found exactly how she left it. Her writing pen can be found located in a cup adhered to the bedroom wall... close at hand for scribbling down those late night ideas... her bifocals hanging off a mirror....and her initials which Sarah etched in a bedroom window pane. Sarah enjoyed flowers and especially her flower gardens...

"Late in the evening, when the room had grown too hot and tiresome with it's flaring light and noise of voices, I stole out alone into the darkness of the summer's night, down the long garden-walk I slowly went; A little wind was stirring in the trees; I only saw the whitest of flowers and I was sorry that the earlier hours of that fair evening had been so ill spent, Because, I said, I am content with these Dear friends of mine who only speak to me with their delicious fragrance, and who tell to me their gracious welcome silently...

The leaves that touch my hand with dew are wet; I find the tall white lilies I love well
I linger as I pass the Mignonette, and what surprise could dearer be than this;

To find my sweet rose waiting with a kiss..."

Flowers In The Dark....~Sarah Orne Jewett~