Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Morning dawned with the promise of spring, slowly the earth has begun to awaken from it's winter slumber...The morning air is filled with bird song, red breasted Robins dot the country landscape, Blue-birds inspect newly cleaned nesting boxes...the scent of mud distinct in the morning air...ah, springtime in New England....
With spring comes the awaking of flora and fauna... he may be old, he may be blind, but Winslow Homer's hearing remains keen...day or night he is quick to alert us to any impending dangers. Deer, fox, skunk, owls and for the past few nights Winslow's ears have been tuned in to the howling of feral, coy-dogs...truly we are grateful for his service, however, the relentless 2:30 am warning, where DH or myself plod down the stairs, sleepy eyed, and trek around the yard is becoming old...tonight however, we have come up with a solution to our dilemma...you see Winslow Homer loves to go "ridee" especially to Walmart...it is now warm enough...so... off to the car he will go...yes...for what he believes is an early morning excursion...Oh, what we do for a good night's sleep...What are the odds DH will remember Winslow is in his car? well, if worse comes to worse, Winslow... you'll be enjoying bagels and coffee for breakfast!!