Friday, January 13, 2012


How delighted I was to have received the Tasha Tudor Museum Newsletter in the mail yesterday. Long ago, I discovered this lovely women and her world. Not only was it her art work that drew me to her, but more importantly her lifestyle. When I stumbled over the words "from the time Tasha Tudor was a little girl she new exactly what she wanted: to live on a secluded farm where she could surround herself with gardens, a household menagerie of pets, barnyard animals and art" I knew I had found a kindred spirit.
How I wished to step inside Tasha's private world. The Corgies, Minou the one eyed cat, Hannah and Pegler Tasha's African gray parrots, the nubian goats. Many a time I was tempted to sign up for Tasha's garden tours offered at her beloved Corgi Cottage. I was always hesitant, I am realistic enough to realize that even perfect worlds have their flaws. After Tasha Tudor passed away, there was a rift among her four children. Money, possessions, and even her ashes were fought over. (finally resolved) I am glad I did not go on that tour, but prefer to remember Tasha through her many books. The Tasha Tudor Museum is alive and well located at the Jeremiah Beal House in West Brattleboro, Vermont. Recently I discovered a blog titled "An Historical Lady" Mary Spencer and her husband Adam are living history reenactors and have been invited by Amy Tudor to present their program at the Tasha Tudor Museum this summer. I do hope to attend, how lovely it would be to meet Mary andAdam, to admire all the hard work the Tudor Family and friends have done to create such a museum honoring this incredible women we know as Tasha Tudor...