Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Note the fire truck...
I know the above photo doesn't look like much, however it is evidence to my story. Yesterday I met my mom, who is spending a couple of days off the Island to run errands and doctors' appointments. With ample time between appointments my mom decided it might be a good opportunity to have a much needed hair cut. The salon we opted for was new to us, however, the stylists were friendly and a twenty minute wait was doable. Also, the salon offered a nice selection of what I refer to as "trash" reading material. Who knew the "in" color for spring is mint green. Off in the distance I overheard the stylist talking with my mom, asking her what she was looking for in a hair cut and also stating she would be happy to color her hair. I heard my mom answer "not today." The next thing I knew an extremely loud fire alarm was screeching. We all looked at one another...I grabbed my mom...pulled the salon cape off and we along with everyone else promptly headed out the door...the entire strip mall was being evacuated...45 minutes later...no fire was discovered... we were back in business. Now, I have to admit I am one of those people who have wondered what one would do if in the middle of having your hair dyed or highlighted (as in my case) and a fire alarm sounded. Would your hair over process and fall out? How about being in the middle of a yearly physical, your legs propped in stirrups, your dress, a paper johnny and you need to evacuate. You're on the eight floor- do you grab your clothes or just run holding your paper johnny closed...Ya, I know my mind can conjure up some strange, but valid scenarios... come on, I can't be the only one.