Monday, June 22, 2009

Pinky finds a home

Meet the new addition to our family: "Pinky". On Saturday my DH and I traveled to an animal shelter in Western Maine. I have been visiting shelters in the area for over six months, attempting to find a suitable feline match for our family. Once at a shelter I would feel so overcome with guilt- how do you choose one cat when I wanted to take them all home?- I would leave empty handed. That was till Sunday. "Pinkie" is not the cat we had intended on adopting. She did not attempt to gain our attention, but stayed in the pose as seen in the upper photo. I inquired about her past history and learned she and her former family had become homeless due to a house fire. Everyone had escaped without harm except Pinky, she was burned. She was brought to the animal shelter where she received proper medical treatment and eventually healed. Her spirit however, had been wounded. The shelter attendant informed me she felt Pinky had given up trying to find a family of her own. Well, that was Sunday. This is Monday and Pinky is now part of our family.

Yes, she was cautious upon leaving her carrier and promptly hid under the bed. However, by morning she was talking, purring, eating, had introduced herself to Emma Lou and began exploring her new "digs" Pinky is a lovely girl, her spark seems to be returning, I think she has been patiently waiting for us to find her. Now the name" Pinky," it's cute however I like proper names for my pets, so her new name will be changed to Edyth or Ellie. I like the way each of these names sound with Emma Lou as in "Emma and Edyth or Emma and Ellie. I would love to hear your input, what say you?