Friday, January 14, 2011


I am going to begin my post by name is Julie and I am an addict....a sugar addict that is. My love for anything sweet is beginning to become a problem.... my love for baking, with mindless and stressed induced eating (thank you Winslow Homer) is not helping this matter. My size ten jeans are becoming rather snug. I do own a pair of size twelve however, they have been relegated to the rear of the closet and I rather not let them see the light of day! This too is not helping....when the weather began turning cold my girlfriend invited me over for a mug of hot cocoa, I happily accepted. I walked in the door and there on the counter was a hot cocoa machine. After just one mug of this frothy cocoa I was hooked. I had never heard of this type of machine, but instantly knew I would be on the hunt for one. The brand was Mr. Coffee. I searched Amazon and they were completely sold out. I searched several stores in my area and discovered there was none to be found. However, on Tuesday I made my weekly trip to Goodwill and low and behold sitting on a shelf in the rear of the store a Back To Basics Cocoa~Latte machine. It was calling my name and just waiting for my little hands to grab her. The price $2.99! I took this baby home, ran the top portion through the dish washer and we were good to go. There is no other was to say hot cocoa from a cocoa machine is simply a divine indulgence.
It certainly is not helping my craving for sweets, but it sure tastes good while enduring a long cold winter's day. I do wish you were all here to share a mug with me, Winslow Homer would certainly enjoy your company. BTW If anyone has a tried and true method to aid in one's addition to sugar I sure would be ever so grateful to hear from you! Have a great day everyone.