Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Has the spirit of Christmas found you? Did you partake in Black Friday? how about Cyber Monday?   
I myself am just coming out of the Thanksgiving sugar and tryptophan induced coma, now it's full speed ahead to Christmas...and speaking of Christmas, any suggestions for keeping a cat out and off the Christmas tree?  I have a strong feeling this is going to be a big issue in our home this holiday season, prove me wrong, will you please Sadie Mae. Have you purchased a Power Ball lottery ticket? I'm not a gambling type of gal, but I would love to win and I do have a ticket, actually five, courtesy of my dear mom. If I had the good fortune to win... it would be my main goal to secure the health and well being of hungry, homeless and abused animals  in the State of Maine, perhaps all of New England...I would love to play Santa Claus and give the winnings  away, anonymously.  What would you do if you were the lucky winner? Finally, any advice for getting a good nights sleep? For the life of me I cannot seen to sleep at night.  Perhaps due to the nocturnal howling of coyotes or the mice which seem to have invaded the attic. I swear a mouse family was putting up their Christmas tree last night, quite a happy ruckus going on. Thank goodness for these new fangled mouse traps, a trap where a  mouse gets itself caught, the trap is self contained and you never have to witness the stiff dead carcass...So once again last night, sleep did not come, I got up and ironed, tonight if the same scenario arises I shall bake. Mr. Dog Trot is away on business and if need be I can crank up the Kitchen Aid and let the flour fly!


Today is a special day, it's Auntie Jo's birthday...a milestone birthday...

Auntie Jo sent Travis this Christmas outfit, complete with pointed elf shoes...she and I think alike when it comes to decking Travis out...unfortunately for me, Auntie Jo now resides full time in Florida, she is what islander's refer to as a "summer dub."
I am so grateful to have a wonderful sister in-law as Jovan, I always joke, take my brother away, but never Jovan. So on this 28th day of November, I am sending love and greetings from all of us here at Dog Trot Farm, Happy "50" birthday Auntie Jo, we love and miss you!!!!!