Saturday, July 17, 2010


Sometimes the unexpected can be a good thing. Today I said goodbye to my old friend, a friend that has served me well for the past eight years. Oh how I loved my little buggy, my Jetta- she was peppy, faithful, reliable. Winslow Homer loved her too. He enjoyed the fact in winter his seat would heat and keep him warm. Well, lately it had became clear that I was in need of some form of larger vehicle. Pine chips, feed, scratch, groceries and Winslow Homer take up quite a bit of space. So today while DH and I were off on one of our day trips I said "hey, lets just stop at the SUBARU dealership and look." Key word "look" (In my heart I felt like a traitor, a real Benedict Arnold). I have always had a Volkswagen, I am one of those girls who loves the way their engine sounds, and nothing sounds better to me than a Volkswagen engine. For a year I have been secretly carrying this brochure around with me. The Subaru Outback certainly seemed to fit the bill, it met all my and Winslow Homer's requirements. Needless to say the "quick look" at the dealership turned into an unexpected all day affair. At the end of the day I left my baby with the dealership. I hope she finds a good home and someone to love her as much as I have.
So now I have my new farm vehicle a 2011 Outback, what a lucky farm girl I am (all I need now is a trailer hitch)
and Winslow Homer, he's happy to know that it came with heated seats!
And me- well, I'll learn to appreciate the sound of my new engine.