Friday, February 24, 2012


Here is a weight loss tip that I would like to share with you...a tip that I have learned first that I stumbled upon all by gather the one food item that has been calling to you, the one forbidden food that you have been dreaming of, the one item that makes you giddy with delight, the food that causes your mouth to my case... it is the Whoopie Pie...that dark chocolate cake with whipped vanilla filling......pure heaven
take your favorite food and go find the most comfy seat in your home...get settled in... now...turn on the television program "Hoarders" I promise... you will not have the appetite to devour your forbidden delight... you may never have the desire to eat this food again...this season the Hoarders appears to have gone to the extreme...I find it to be quite much in fact I have banned it from my television viewing...and if you are wondering, I did not eat the whoopie pie...but my husband sure has a smile on his face...