Thursday, June 24, 2010


As I walked the yard this morning (before the heavens opened up) to my dismay, okay disdain, there it was ( two weeks early by my account) a Japanese Beetle, the evil nemesis of flower gardeners everywhere. I refused to give the beetle the honor of a photo shoot. I just love the feel of warm soil in my hands as I work among my plants and really, there is not a flower I do not dislike, well okay I admit it- carnations. There is one perennial however, that is high on my plant list and one I do believe gardeners everywhere should hold a spot for and that is the Heliotrope.

My white perennial Heliotrope came from a division from my mom's Island garden, which in turn came from my aunt Gail's Island garden. As you may guess it is hardy, gives off a sweet heavenly fragrance which lingers in the air and remains in bloom over a long period of time. The Heliotrope grows tall and appears quite regal in the flower garden. To some it has the fault of spreading, but to me it's a plus. If it overtakes a patch in the garden pull it out and "fling" it in the woods or field whatever you have and come next Spring it will have taken root. In my book that's a good thing.

With the weather being somewhat inclement today I was able to finish up a set of primitive hooked fall pumpkins. I do not possess a "selling blog" and have no intention of starting one, however, now and again I am offering some of my hooked items for sale. If anyone is interested just drop me a comment on my blog.

My items are hooked in the "primitive" style with wool dyed by me and hooked on linen. No two items are hooked or dyed exactly the same. The pumpkins to be sold come in a set of three.

And this little fella, well he's just patiently waiting for his buddies to be "hooked" to join him. Happy gardening everyone!