Monday, December 12, 2011


Get that smirk of your face...
Here's the situation...lately I find myself unable to sleep...well, let me rephrase that...I do eventually fall does not come easy...but it is safe to say by 2:00 AM I have arrived in slumber land. I am sure the brightness of the winter moon does not help nor Winslow Homer's late night barking episodes, also figure in the role that hormones play in a menopausal women... along with trying to perfect one's holiday season...I dare say sleep does not come easy...Now getting back to the above photo...I have uttered not a word about this morning's see I LOCKED myself out of the house...all I can say is thank goodness I was not in my nightgown...yes, I have been know to deliver breakfast to the girls in my nightie...out the door I went with hot oatmeal and raisins in hand and as soon as the door closed behind me I realized what I had done... No fear I thought... a spare key is hidden in the coop...hidden alright...dare I say I never found that darn key...notice the above guilty faces...beaks help whatsoever...I do believe three rather naughty hens hid the spite...due to the fact that Josephine and her two babes are residing indoors and they are not...So here is a bit of advice...never hide a house key in a hen hide one in an obvious location like a window box...I am so grateful my husband had the sense of mind to do so...just another day at Dog Trot Farm...goodnight.