Saturday, December 26, 2009


Christmas Eve Day has become a tradition for me and my DH to travel to Hancock Pond located in Denmark Maine and check in on the " family" camp. Thursday was a beautiful sunny day with highs in the thirties and not a breath of wind to be felt. Everything was in order, just how Annie and Paul had left it October.
The view out the front door looks towards an island and as you may be able to tell the lake had begun to freeze over. We were able to traverse along the edge of the pond but farther out the ice was deemed unsafe by year-round lake resident and camp "checker" Davey. Should we receive the cold weather that is predicted for our area next week the ice conditions should be perfect for skating.
The view out the back door looks out upon Sand Pond. The snow covered White Mountains of New Hampshire spring forth in the background.We sat on a log in the sun and enjoyed the view and the silence which this lake and its surroundings had to offer. When ice conditions are ready the pond will be dotted with ice shacks, snowmobiles, skiers and skaters.
A perfect way to enjoy the day. I hope we return soon with skates in hand, oh and a thermos of hot chocolate!