Wednesday, January 5, 2011


If ever you have the opportunity to visit the coast of Maine, please do....however there are two things you need to be mindful of ....TICKS and POISON IVY. This sign says it all....a perfect way of warning folks traveling from the mainland who happen to visit one of the pristine beaches that Long Island has to offer. Last week I had the opportunity to visit the Island now shrouded in it's winter finest.... one of my favorite things to do when visiting is to walk "Singing Sands" beach. Many happy summer days of my childhood were spent here....the beach acquired the name "Singing Sands" as the sand seems to sing to you as your feet sink in while strolling along. This day was cold and crisp, but the beauty of my surroundings kept me warm. The sky.... a vibrant blue.... streaked with numerous "contrails."
This little fella assumed he had the beach all to himself as no other gulls nor humans were in sight.... that is until my mother and I appeared. Needless to say he went about his business and we ours. Winter storms known to produce high winds and strong currents cause the ocean floor to become "stirred" up.... hence all the seaweed and rocks seen this day. Typically, by summer the beach is clear and the sand shines white once again. Below a sandbar.... at low tide one can walk or wade across to neighboring Marsh Island. It is imperative you remain mindful of the changing tide.... people have been known to become stranded and needless to say incur a lengthy wait for the tide to change.
On "Little Sandy" as this beach is referred to no rocks nor clumps of seaweed to be seen....just my mom day dreaming of summer days to come.
This day was lovely.... before we realize it summer will return once again....the quiet and solitude of this day will be but a memory....
But a lovely memory at that.