Saturday, January 9, 2010


On cold days such as these it's kinda nice to lounge on the couch and peruse new books, especially cookbooks. The Pioneer Women Cooks by Ree Drummond is a spectacular cookbook. Not only is it filled with wonderful cowboy tested recipes, but included are glossy photos, step by step instructions, and an insight into her humorous world as a ranch wife and home schooling mother of four. This book is just plain fun, you gotta get yourself a copy! Make It Fast Cook It Slow is the big book of everyday slow cooking by Stephanie O'Dea. In 2008, Stephanie used her slow cooker every single day for one year. This cookbook offers recipes from beverages, breakfast, meatless mains, to desserts and more. Each recipe has been taste tested by her family and in return they offer a "verdict"- some flops and others mainstays. All recipes in this book are gluten free.
Well, If cookbooks don't make you want to head straight to the kitchen pop in the movie Julie and Julia, a wonderfully delightful movie! Meryl Streep is (what else?) "amazing" and Amy Adams just plain "lovable". Now, go tie your apron strings and get the butter out.....

and don't forget to wear your pearls! Bon Appe'tit!
I love this movie!