Sunday, July 1, 2012


Last evening's night sky, 3:00 am to be precise...
It began as a quiet evening. I retired early to bed enjoying the sweet fragrance of line dried sheets, as a cool breeze blew through my bedroom window. I turned off the light and soon was on the edge of sweet slumber, when out of nowhere it came...a gnawing and scratching sound coming from inside my bedroom wall...I turned on the light, hopped out of bed and listened, then banged hoping to scare it off, whatever it might be...I must have offended "it" for reinforcements were called in and gnawing began in unison. I attempted to read, bang on the wall and read some more...finally all on the home front was quiet. Light is off, covers pulled up, ready for sleep. But, once again just as I am about to drift off a noise outside of my bedroom window pulled me back to consciousness...the lid to the hens feed container went banging off...I searched for a flashlight, however all I could find was my headlamp...I pointed it out into the darkness when I saw the reflection of glowing eyes... I watched it scurry up the fencing which encloses the hen's yard...I soon felt a serge of panic as I tried to recall if I or Mr. Dog Trot had closed the hens ramp ...murder in the darkness I thought...In my night gown with headlamp in place I grabbed Winslow Homer and headed out into the brave blind dog and me...I was shaking in my Muck boots as I quickly locked the coop windows and latched the ramp...above me, sitting on a tree limb was a large possum watching my every move...I ran to the house, locked the door and gave Winslow Homer a well earned treat...Finally, around dawn I drifted off to sleep...Later that morning when I finally made my way downstairs, Mr. Dog Trot was cooking breakfast..."good morning honey" was his cheery greeting," boy did I sleep well last about you"? Life is good!