Wednesday, July 11, 2012


So...blogger has not been my friend lately...completely rejected my posts...or published a post with a photo and no my friends I shall give it another try: Here is a Dog Trot Farm update: Winslow Homer is in fine health, or shall I say holding his own with a quality to his life, he may be old and he may be blind, but he is a fighter. Sadie Mae, has evolved from an introverted kitty, into a five pound ball of fire...a perfect addition to our household. My flock of chickens are all getting along, who knew? fourteen hens and two roosters, everyone appears happy...however, Gladys has been panting and Beatrix has a swollen humid weather and insects appear to be the culprits...There have been flowers gardens to prune and a vegetable garden to weed...jam to make and produce to can...there is always a structure to paint: house, shed, coop, you name it...and of course it is prime lawn mowing season...and don't forget the weed like most of you, we stay busy...lately however, I have been lax in most all of my duties...I admit, I have been a "slacker" when I hear the words "somebody wants to see his granny" or "would you mind watching Travis?" I say honey you don't need to ask twice, granddad and I will be right over...what a pair Mr. Dog Trot and I make, this little guy has us wrapped around his little finger... we may not find time to accomplish all our chores, but we always find time for Travis, ya we've even been known to fight over him...we're pretty lame, but we sure are having fun! I do hope life is treating you well, I'm looking forward to catching up with all of you...greetings from Maine, Julie.