Monday, February 9, 2009

Island Scenes

Good Monday evening. I have returned to the mainland after an extended weekend visit to the island. The sun was shining, but bitterly cold. Here is a glimpse of island life in the winter.
This is Bev Jones, the mail carrier for Long Island. She has been enjoying this job for almost thrity years. She is a vey special lady and I am proud to call her my mom.
This is a very sad island house. As you can tell no one is occupying this home. The shades are drawn and the need to plow the driveway is no longer. The owners, Mr and Mrs K. Jones have left for a warmer climate and a new adventure!

Yes, this vehicle is plowed in and will not see daylight till spring when the owners return to the island!

A winter scene looking down on the "Old Cove"of Long Island.

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Eve said...

Hi Auntie Bev!!!

These pictures are great...I don't think I've ever been to the island in winter!