Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Winter has not lost it's grip on Southern Maine. Just ask Winslow Homer!!!!!!!!!!!!


A New England Life said...

Isn't it just awful! I swear the snow will never stop! However, it is supposed to rain on Friday with temps in the low 40's so that should help. And maybe you are loving winter, I don't know.

Of course it is still February. Beautiful pictures and that Winslow Homer is one handsome fella!

Eve said...

Winslow Homer is the most handsome dog I've ever seen!!! And look at that beautiful coat!!! Daisy Lu is drooling from her snaggle tooth to get to him!!
Love the sun shots Julie, you must be a professional photographer!
You can keep the snow!

Danni said...

Oh yes, I think Daisy Lu and Roxy Louise would be fighting over Homer Winslow. Roxy doesn't have a snaggle tooth, though, would this make her less interesting to H.W.? :-) What a gorgeous boy! And I love his stand up ears!
I am amazed at the difference between the banner (summer) photo of your house and the winter one you've included here. Oh my!

Danni said...

Dang - guess I'm word dyslexic today. So sorry. I meant Winslow Homer... :-)

Eve said...

Ha Ha!! Julie and Danni...I read your post last night Danni and never caught the dyslexic moment...my husband say's I'm so dyslexic, I'm lysdexic!!

Jenny said...

Wow! So much snow and to think we had it bad over here with just 8 inches! We're sooooo soft! Lovely photos.