Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Signs Of Spring

Yesterday morning I tossed out some apples and oranges for the wildlife that visit my yard.
As the day wore along, I happened to look out the window and noticed one plump Robin Red Breast enjoying the feast that I had provided. He sampled the peel of an apple, orange, and on to another apple. He spent a very contented afternoon, looking around now and again for uninvited visitors.
This morning, a beautiful spring-like morning, with temperatures close to fifty degrees. (Three feet of snow still on the ground.) He returned! Spent the day enjoying the treats, all by himself, no intruders. Will he return tomorrow? I will keep you posted!


Eve said...

I remember that warmth...wish is was back! Now I have to go see if the Robin came back!

A New England Life said...

Just discovered your blog over on Eve's so I thought I would stop by! Very lovely!

We've had a Robin stationed in our crabapple tree since December but the past couple days I haven't seen it. I'm hopeful it's not gone for good! Our resident Mockingbird knows he's found a good thing : )

I'll be back. Oh and I think your dog looks an awful lot like my Lily!