Monday, June 1, 2009

Gall Bladder vs. Gallbladder

Okay, can someone tell me the correct spelling of Gall bladder. Gallbladder vs. Gall Bladder.
My pre and post surgical paper work spell it Gall Bladder, however, I am not so sure. What say you? All I can say I am glad it is gone! ENOUGH SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cedar ... said...

I'm going to vote for the two-word version.

Eve said...

Well however the heck it's spelled I wish you had gotten a picture of it to post before they tossed it! Then we'd know what to look for when our tummys start to hurt!

Birgit said...

Hi there,
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog for a visit and entering my first Random Giveaway. I love to meet new blogging friends and especially those from Maine!
I'm in New Gloucester, about 30 minutes from Portland. I've been enjoying this sunshine again and am ready for the temps to warm up.
Hope your gall bladder recovery goes quickly. I had mine out in November and was surprised at the lengthy healing time.
I've added myself onto your blog as a follower as well so that I can visit more frequently. You have a great blog and a beautiful home and I loved the pictures of your baby chicks!!
Blessings~ Birgit

Shelley said...

Either one is right! I can over from Eve's blog. As soon as I saw the word "gallbladder" I knew someone must be having one out. I had mine out last year - took about a week and a half to recover.
Words of advice - the first few days - you will be more comfortable sleeping in a chair - or at a 180 degree angle. It will be too painful to lay down flat.
I wish you all the best - is this an outpatient procedure? (I know if they can do it the minimally invasive way then the recovery is quicker.)Feel better soon!!

Jenny said...

My thought for what it's worth is that the two word way looks good to me. I'm not at all sure you should listen to that Evie lady down south. Pleeeeease don't post a piccy of the offending piece of human anatomy! (-:

Jenny said...

PS: meant to say, I love your English proverb! (-: So true.