Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Favorite Flower

Being that today was sunny and warm Winslow and I decided a little plant shopping was in our future. We headed to Broadway Gardens in South Portland to use a gift certificate that I had received as a Christmas gift. While browsing the plants, I spied a perennial daisy called Sunny Side Up. I love Daisy's they seem like an honest happy flower also my cousin Eve who now resides in Alabama has a blog with the same title" Sunny Side Up."I immediately knew that this Daisy was coming home with me.

Now when I work in my perennial bed I will look at this Daisy and think of Eve, knowing that she too is working in her gardens and I can be sure that Miss Daisy Lu will not be to far from her side!


Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

looking forward in seeing them bloom. seems the gall bladder recovery is coming along nicely?

Eve said...

Hi Winslow!!! Oh Julie what a great find! I'll have to look for a "Dog Trot" Lily!!! Maybe I can hybridize one! I will have to look for this daisy. I think a trip to the garden center is in the plan for today!

Jenny said...

That's amazing Julie. What a great find and a great way to remind you of your sunny southern cousin. (-: