Wednesday, October 7, 2009


The view outside my kitchen window this morning said it all; rain.The flower garden appeared happy.
Winslow, well he decided to go back to bed.
I decided to get out a few more fall decorations. I fell for this festive witch plate discovered last year at Marshall's.Some "primitive friends" I hooked a few years ago.
Cinderella pumpkins are a fall favorite.Hootie, my primitive owl.Yes, I have an owl theme going on this fall.
The photo below of the owl is one of my favorite photos taken by my cousin Eve, proprietor of the blog Sunny Side Up. She captures amazing photographs.
Crows guard over containers of candy corn, unsuccessfully I'm afraid.Tomorrow the sun is said to return, thank goodness.


Gail said...

I like your decorations and adore your dog.

Eve said...

Julie, your garden is just beautiful. I need garden lessons from you. I just don't know how you do it! are more handsome than ever, good boy! I LOVE your "primitive friends" you're so talented! Ahh thank you for loving the owl photograph! That was an awesome bird to photograph! And no, that candy corn would never last long around my hubby!
Miss you sweetie!

JC said...

You are really into Autumn decorations. I haven't done a thing yet.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is still looking great. Min is a mess now, I need to get to work!
Love the decor, especially the crows. It reminded me that I need to find a crow silhouette to use as a patter for some wooden crows to make for the garden. Another item on the List!

And your hooked pumpkins are great -- I need to lean how to hook...

Rural Rambler said...

Oh but Julie it looks oh so warm, festive and cozy inside! :) And, dang that first picture with the candle light, I love the little candle so much that I am going to be out in predicted 4 to 6 inches of rain today on a mission to find me one! Your decorations are darling and I am not believing you still have those beautiful flower faces, a treat this morning to see. Oh, and Hootie, accckkkkkkkkkkkk! I want him!! Fortunately he has a very good home with you where he will be treated with the love that all little stuffie primitive owls deserve :)

Julie I am sorry but this is turning into a novel. Our home was country primitive when we lived in St. Lou 8 years ago. Somehow we completely lost that look and I live in the country now! And seeing your decor makes me want to go back to that look. Country Husband has heard my murmurings about my maybe intentions. He is afraid, very afraid. Don't know if he is more worried about the money I will spend or the running around he will be doing. He couldn't stay home though cause he loves looking as much as I do!

the end.

Rural Rambler said...

Julie I just typed this long novel of a comment and I don't think it flew-I want to cry. Shoot. I will wait and see. Dang.