Tuesday, November 10, 2009


For the past two days the weather here in Southern Maine has been mild and in the mid sixties. Few flowers are still in bloom, but these that remain are enjoying the warmth. All too soon the approaching cold will strike, and days like these will be a faded memory. The chickens too have been enjoying the weather. I have been trying to get the yard raked (where did this sea of brown come from), however the girls take this as a signal for some good old fashioned fun. Pig pile. They love to run and scurry through the leaves, just as my sons did when they were young. Sweet Honey
I do hope I make progress on my raking, last year the snow fell before I could get this fall chore accomplished. Mental note: order new snowshoes and poles before it's to late!


Gail said...

I noticed someone was using leaves in their chicken house. That sure would make a great compost in the spring, leaves and garden gold.

Rural Rambler said...

Julie enjoying your beautiful flower faces on this dreary November day. Think the sun should peek thru sometime. I love to see your girls and their feathers are just awesome. That Pearl Girl has some very pretty tail feathers!

Jenny wren's nest said...

Your egg count is very impressive, I love the colored eggs.
I still haven't figured out what to do about my roosters, my son wants to keep one but I cant get myself to kill the other one.

Jenny said...

Your girls are such characters. I love them! Would they accept any hugging, cos to me they're very huggable looking! (-: Hope the weather holds off for you Julie for you're leaf raking.

Eve said...

I can hear those crunchy leaves now and the cluck cluck clucking!!! Get the snowshoes but don't bring them when you come visit me Julie!!!

Boggy Creek Stitches & Loops said...

Gorgeous girls!!! I have three Auracana (sp?) girls ~ Emma, Willow and Raven. Also have three Rhode Island Reds, five Barred Rocks, two roosters and a few assorted others, lol! Mine are free range too except I put them in the hen house at night because of the killer racoons around here looking for supper.