Friday, February 26, 2010


Over night at Dog Trot Farm a pond grew in our front field. Also over night we experienced wind gusts over 60 miles per hour along with nine inches of rain. Our home is tightly built, but the windows rattled, the doors shook and the wood stove puffed. Winslow Homer and Henny Penny however, slept quite soundly- not a peep was heard from either one. The plus side of all this- we received no snow (I purchased my Muck boots just in time!).
Winslow Homer and I took an early morning walk, and as you can see most of the snow has been washed away. Our once babbling stream however, had become a surging river.

The stream was high, loud and the water moving swiftly.
Along with the high water there were a few ice jams.
Mother nature at her finest.
Later this morning the sun came out, the girls were able to free range the entire day and as I looked out my window this evening I saw GREEN grass in my neighbor's back yard.
I do believe the promise of spring is on it's way. Who knows maybe when I return from my adventure there will be peepers singing in my new pond.
Oh and our house guest is still enjoying the five star accommodations!


missthesea said...

Great pictures, Auntie! We lost power around 11:30 last night.. didn't get it back until noontime today. I spent the morning baking trying to use up all of my eggs and milk because I was afraid they'd spoil haha. What a night.

Robin said...

WOW! That is amazing. It's kind of neat seeing that ice jam.

Eve said...

We don't even have green grass yet Julie!!! That is big water girl!! Make me nervous just looking at the pictures!
You'll be on the way soon!

Rural Rambler said...

Holy Smokes Julie that was some weather. Glad everyBODY is OK there!

Rowan said...

There are sismilar scenes here - the river running high and fast and lots of mud. My friend in NH told me they'd had a lot of wind and rain.
Hope you enjoy your trip to Florida, I've never thought of it as a place where you'd need long underwear!

Cedar ... said...

If spring is at your house it can't be far behind here in the Adirondacks. I'm so ready for that. Imagine,.. green grass!

CountryFunMaine said...

said neighbor has bulbs poking their heads up a good 1/2" all around the foundation......:)

A New England Life said...

That was quite a storm, wasn't it? We lost our power over night but that was it. We just got our internet, phone, and tv back this afternoon.

Your right, lots of flooding! What a surprise to wake up to 3"-4" of snow this morning too! I feel so bad for those without power.

Peepers are usually out right around April 1st. I can almost set my clock to them ; ) But it is New England after all so you never know!


DayPhoto said...

WOW!!!! And I thought we were melting fast!!!